Level 1 Model Building Exam - Model Building Activity 6


Hello All,

I've used the SUM function to map region and role into 'EMP02 Employee Expenses'. I've been going through my formula and the source modules for quite some time now yet the formulas still yield 0s. Hope someone can help.




  • @julioarrastia 


    it is ok to ask questions, but please don’t post pictures to the exam questions.  


    Also, you don’t need all of those subsidiary views, so please check your dimensionality for all of your line items.





  • @julioarrastia 

    Bear in mind that Anaplan uses lists to define relationships. Therefore, if you are trying to map data from one list to another you will need to use list formatted line items as you bridge between dimensions. 


    When importing the role data it may need to be updated or changed in the employee system module before it can be used in a formula to reference data. 


    Good luck.