Request: Give Pages two values: a Name and a Description


This would allow us to Name them so they show up in the right spot in the list of pages. And then give a Description that could be the default value when you add them as a ‘Quick Link’ or ‘Link to a Page’
This would reduce the situation where you need to edit the default value as it has sorting stuff in it.
It would also mean we could keep the connection with the Page for when you change a name. Change the description and the links adjust.  Change the Name and the Links won’t adjust or go back to the default with sorting stuff.

This would allow us to label the Pages without needing to consider Sort Order.
While this would avoid some of the trouble I still think that we will often have Descriptive/Technical Names for Pages and Colloquial Descriptions for Communication/Navigation.
this is similar to what we had in Classic:

image (7).png


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