REQUEST: allow for storing/copying/format painting of CF from one LI to another

Example.  Here is a format I am using:
image (8).png

This allows a user input cell to show up as pale grey when they haven’t entered anything and then to turn blue when they have.

image (9).png

If I want to apply this repeatedly, to many different LIs it takes so many clicks.

Here is another.
This one makes things grey if there is no input yet and then gets darker green as the user’s input increases.

image (10).png

Would also be great to store this.
Then I could have a list of common/used CF formats.  Like templates.


I can see the challenge: what if the user wants to apply a template to a LI that isn’t a number?
Maybe the template applies and the first option (what it is looking at for value) is bright red and the user cannot apply until a selection is made.
But having to make ONE choice is preferable to having to do all the clicks each time.


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