REQUEST: better support of Tab when entering data into a set of Fields


When entering data into a set of Fields it is reasonable that the user will want to navigate to the next field using Tab.  If the Fields are all Number or Text fields this works.  If they end up on a List formatted Field then they can start to type an option, hit down arrow to select, and hit Tab Enter to move on.  But now the Fields have lost the focus.  Instead of being able to enter into the next Field the user must click there first.  It would be better if the focus was transferred to the next Field as happens for a Text/Number Field.I just realized that Tab doesn’t work at all when editing a List formatted Field.  In Chrome it gives focus to the address bar at the top.  Instead the user must hit Enter to accept the selected option from the drop-down menu.  This is the moment when focus is lost in the Fields.

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