REQUEST: leverage Management Reporting options for Field Cards


Would it be possible to leverage some of the pixel-level design stuff from the upcoming Reports UX stuff to give us greater flexibility when designing Field Cards?

I find a good use of a Field card is to allow both a Grid view of many Transactions and then the user can click on a single Transaction and see additional details in a Field Card.
The addition of Horizontal View has been a big help here.
I am wondering about even greater design flexibility.

It would be lovely if the user could click-drag to change order (instead of turning fields off and back on to change the order). It would also be nice if fields could flex more in their interactions with each other.
Greater flex could mean that the two fields on the left could be vertical and then the multi-line field would take up the rest of the space.
image (14).png

Another thought on this: allow the user to "group" sets of fields.
This could be color fields around the portion.  They could have headers, too.
I will try to mock up something.

This might be the result of the user setting the first three fields to a category of "Basics", setting the color to grey, and selecting "Show Category Title"
Then the user selected the final three fields, set a category of "Credit Types", set a color, but left the "Show Category Title" unchecked.

image (15).png

This is almost like a mini-report that syncs to the current selection.
I could see a designer using this to show a number of fields that are all being used to result in a summary field.  The summary field is shown in the Grid of Transactions and the designer has set the color of that field.
Then the designer selects those constituent fields for a Field card, groups them, and picks the same color.  This was the end user can quickly see which fields in the Field card contribute to the summary value in the Grid w/o having to drill in.

To be clear: these requests are not about Report Pages.  These are suggestions for Field Cards in Board and Worksheet Pages.

For now, something like this can work:

image (16).png

but it would be awesome to be able to set the background color of a Field Card!

like one of these
image (17).pngimage (18).png


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