REQUEST: allow the Page Builder to set the category of a page while they edit the name of the page

Would be nice to be able to do more of the page-related options here.
I find that navigating the “Change Category” as a multi-step menu is clunky and frustrating.  When the list of Categories gets long it is really easy to move your mouse too far and to lose focus on the menu

image (19).png

I am envisioning that the b94d4ab9d466d33c.jpg becomes a pencil.jpg

This would replace the ‘Page settings’ option in the triple dots.jpg list.

This updated ‘Page Settings’ would have additional options to:
  1. Set Category (drop-down selector)
  2. Delete: it always feels scary to delete a UX page.  If I were to choose to do it from a Page Settings modal I would feel more assured that I am deleting the one I want.
  3. Duplicate: it would be a button that then pops up the Duplicate modal (new name and category)
  4. Move: it would be a button that then pops up the Move modal (new name and category)

FINALLY: it would be great if, during Duplicate, you could optionally pick target MODEL.  That way we don’t have to Duplicate and THEN move.



image (20).png


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  • no matter what… THIS needs to change!
    Pop quiz!  For which page am I about to confirm deletion?!?!

    image (21).png

    This MUST give the builder the name of the page they are about to delete.  Especially when the triple dots.jpg is SO far away from the names of the pages and the only indicator is that little pencil popping up next to the Page.  Which promptly DISAPPEARS when you get to the Delete modal!

  • Another tweak that could make the whole “pick-a-page” nicer AND more concrete:
    how about a slight color shift for the entire line that you are hovering over/about to take action on?  And maybe let us click anywhere on that colored line (except for specific icons) to launch the page.

    image (22).png

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