REQUEST: Allow the PB to show the name of the Line Item a KPI is targeting


I have a situation where I am hosting three KPI cards.  They are each giving the same Line Item but for three different segments.
I have been using Display Name to rename things like the segments.  But the current way the KPIs are published has the Segment name in the Title of the KPI.

image (24).png

I figured out I should move the Segment to a selector and mark it as a label.  That way the KPI description will change as my display name changes on it.
But the one I did this on (the left one) is then missing the context of what the metric is (“Quota”).
Since we are pointing to a Line Item for that value and we know the name of it.  I would love to show it as another label, next to the Segment Label.

image (25).png

I understand that I could use a Field Card.  But that gets tricky when you want the Card to be driven by a formula to show the name of a Line Item.

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