Select formula


How would you use a select formula to collect totals for 


For example I want to fill the base opex row with numbers from


this module below (totals only)



What formula would I use? Thanks


  • @umandiwa 

    Could you please share blueprint view of the modules you have on screenshots?

  • umandiwa_1-1641932277853.png






    Here is the blueprint view


  • @umandiwa 


    If you want totals for all periods you can use below formula but if you need values with respect to years than its best to create lookup formula with respect to given years from system module . 

    SELECT: TIME. ALL Periods

  • @umandiwa 

    If you need to apply the same value to 'VERSIONS - Opex Forecast Capture'.Amount  then you can simply put 'Upile Test Permian AvB - 10&2 Forecast'.Base Opex in the formula, but this requires you to have both Scenario and L5 Plant dimensions in the target (i could not see Plants on the target module).

    Do you mean you have to apply 'Upile Test Permian AvB - 10&2 Forecast'.Base Opex to one of the versions in  'VERSIONS - Opex Forecast Capture'.Amount ?

    - if yes, then you have to use IF THEN ELSE statement and check which versions are matching the conditions (you will have to prepare additional module with booleans dimensioned by versions with line items repeating the names of the versions).


    Otherwise please give us a little bit more details. Because not everything is visible on screenshots.