How to get the Index of a Numbered List Item ?


Hi guys


as the subject, I want to get the Index of a Numbered List Item, what attribute/property should I use?


the Propeties I've tried:

(Item )Index

(Item )ID

(Item )Number

(Item )suffix


by the way, what is the data type of the index?


Thank you~

Best Answer

  • M.Kierepka
    Dimension a line item only by "Your list". Then:
    If you want it as text: MID(NAME(ITEM('Your list')), 2, 10)
    If you want it as number: VALUE(MID(NAME(ITEM('Your list')), 2, 10))


  • @Livy 


    You can use NAME function to get the #ID's of Numbered list

  • With Dimension of Your List, Format as Text and Write Formula as Name(item('Your List'))