Summing of list items to another list item in the same list




There is a requirement that we need to sum list items total to a specific list item in the same list  based on some selections 


User selects Yes/no one line item(drop down) and Revenue method on another line item(drop down)


Lis items which are having Yes should be summed to the % revenue method list item 


attached screenshot for reference





  • @Dileepkumar Bdo i understand correctly that E item in this case should be calculated while A B C and D are input numbers?

  • @KirillKuznetsov 


    No, A B C D are not inputs they are driven by a formula in Revenue module. We need to bring values from Revenue Module to Another module say Revenue Sum Module(Products list dimention) result should looks like this 




  • Hi 

    You cannot achieve sum of lists items to one of same list item.

    Making it with dynamic like yes/no is not possible, SUM function in Anaplan uses mapping of list to do the sum.

    What i would do is to make the list list "E" as parent and use ratio as summary method.
    for ratio, in this case you to make 2 line items one for sum the data another is denominator 1 or 0 based on your yes or no selection.


  • @Dileepkumar B 

    Does it mean only one item will be selected as a revenue method at once?


  • Hi,


    I have few questions on the requiremnet


    1.You want the revenue of A,B,C,D to be summed up on E so the value for E should be 8 ?

    2.What if there is a value in E, should it be overwritten by the sum of A,B,C,D or should it cumulate?

    3.Is the requirement is to sum up to only one list member within the list or to mutiple list members according to the needs?