Ability to change the style of given column(s)


Currently I can only change the style (e.g. italics, bold) of line items when they are placed under rows but the ability to make changes to the particular columns or line items placed in columns would help to build easier to navigate tables for end users.


The style of line item should be visible when the line items are places in columns and also it'd be nice to have the option to change the column style even if it is not a line item. This could be done for specific column (e.g. I know that given country should always be bolded) or to be able to make this as a conditional formatting (e.g. the countries that have less than 10 employees should have their name in italics).

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  • yeah, this is very annoying, should be fixed...

  • Hi - I was wondering if you could help me understand the problem here: "I can only change the style (e.g. italics, bold) of line items when they are placed under rows"


    Are you hitting this problem in the Presentation table of a report page in the NUX? If so, the navigation panel on the far right contains some additional style and format options that were recently released. With these, you should be able to change the style (both text format and cell background) of specific rows and columns... 


    Headers and data = gives you the ability to format the row or column label headers, as well as the data cells, 

    Line item summaries = gives you the ability to format line items (on either the rows or columns) based on the summary style set for each one in the underlying model,

    Time summaries = gives you the ability to format of time summaries (on either the rows or columns) based on distinct periods of time. 


    I've attached a photo below, let me know if this helps at all - otherwise, I'll continue to look into with you 



    (Associate Product Manager at Anaplan)

    Screenshot 2022-01-24 at 11.11.34.png

  • Hi @Beccad


    I was able to test this on report page and this seems to work (please see my questions below), however, I am not able to use this functionality in the board. Report looks nice, however, it does not provide the same range of cards as board and it would be great to be able to use this functionality there as well.


    I also have few questions on how this functionality works on reports. I have chosen style Heading 1 (so that it appears as bold in board or backend) for my column A. However this column will only be bold if I select bold in Heading 1 in Format-Style-Heading 1. But I can also choose italics for this column even if the style is Heading 1 (so that in the backed it is still going to be in bold). Does that mean that the styles work differently on the report page and in one table i can have the same item as italics and in the other one it is going to use the module settings?

    Is the limit for configuration set to 7 styles? In the configuration window I can select different colours and fonts for each style (7 in total). If I had a table with 8 different columns and I would like to assign each column different colour, would I be able to do so?








  • Hi again Beata,


    Ah I thought the initial problem you were experiencing was in report pages, this makes a lot more sense now I understand the behaviour is in boards. For this issue, you're correct, font style (bold, italic, alignment etc.) settings added to the model will pull through to the NUX on Grid and Presentation table cards. As for the reason why they’re pulling through differently on different pages, I’ll have to look into it and get back to you - if you have any screen shots on the specific, please ping over.


    It is on our long term roadmap to develop additional format and style functionality for the Grid cards on boards and workshops. This'll allow users to highlight specific rows and columns like you mentioned in your initial post.


    Finally, in terms of the number of configuration settings in reports, the Line item summaries option has a max. of 7 and the Time summaries has a max. of 9. However, we are looking to develop specific row and column styling this year that would increase this. In the meantime, if you are looking for a max. of 8 different column styles you could combine the 7 different styles from the Line item summaries option with an additional column formatted using the Data configuration settings within the Headers and data option (this line would just need to have no summary style setting in the model to distinguish it). 


    I hope I've answered all your questions and queries, but let me know if not.



  • Thanks Becca for the detailed response!


    The views can look different as in some of the ux pages you will see the settings from module itself whereas in report pages you can change them on UX itself. The reason I flagged that was because this can be very misleading and confusing during maintaining or implementing any changes to live pages.


    E.g. we have a project on which 4 developers work on. In few boards we use the default settings so they are consistent, however, on report page we amend them. One developer may decide to have Heading 1 to be bold, Headings to be red bold, whereas the second developer will do it in the opposite way for different charts.

    To remediate this issue we would either have the internal standards or agreements that would state that if you want to have bold red, please always style this column as Headings 2, etc. But again this is not ideal, cause the same module might be used on the board where the standard settings are used. The main issue is with the current naming convention and high risk of this being inconsistent across different charts/developers. The formatting or finding out how the given chart was formatted should be very quick to understand rather than so time-consuming.




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