Number scaling option on the presentation table on the Management Reporting page


Please enhance the Management Reporting presentation table to support Number scaling.   Often times the underlying calculation and output modules are calculated in precise units but that for the Management Reports we want to display in thousands or millions.  Particularly with monetary numbers, especially when the numbers are in the millions or billions.  The report grids become much more difficult to read when it shows the complete numbers.  Some cases it simply doesn't make sense to make the report at all if it has to show the complete numbers.

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  • It would be great if this could be implemented for all cards and page types in the UX and not just management reporting

  • Hi @TimWard70 .  Absolutely agreed.  This said, Anaplan Product may require separate Ideas in Idea Exchange, because practically the technologies under these different pages and cards differ.  Product may not be able to quickly deliver this functionality to all cards and page types in one go.   If they could, indeed, that would be best.  If releasing all in one go would delay progress I would prefer to see this applied gradually, first to those portions of the UX where it can come as quickly as possible.  There is an acute need in management reports, as it is holding some customers up from applying the reports in contexts where they would like to do so.

  • This is absolutely something we are really waiting for! Especially useful in management reports. Hopefully there is also possibility to select the number of decimals e.g. 0.2 or 0.22 millions.

  • @mantylamatias this is something we currently have in development for Management Reporting, including support for specifying the number of decimals. So keep an eye on the product release updates in the next couple of months!

  • Pleased to announce number scaling has now been delivered for Management Reporting. You can find out more about how this works in the release post below:




  • I know a number of customers who are very pleased with this released enhancement.  Thanks @sprender ! 😀

  • The enhancement seem only to go to Millions... would like the option for billions

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    @sprender Any plan to deliver this across the UX for boards and worksheets as well?

  • @theresareid yes we have it in our roadmap plan to add the row and column formatting from reports on Board and Worksheet Grids. Including the number scaling.

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