Management Reporting - Styling improvements


This concerns specifically the desire to enhance Management Reporting support for additional font sizes, bold text (not limited to headers), support for bullets, additional presentation styling and adding simple shapes.    


There are some other overlapping Ideas already in Idea Exchange:

  • @erik.bangsund : you have a very specific request for left/right/center capabilities. Here. I agree.  My request is a bit broader but I voted for your request there. 
  • @Misbah , you also have a number of great improvement ideas posted here.  Fully agree, and among your listed items you include my requested Styling improvements.  I create this one as a subset of yours, so that the Anaplan Product team can be sure to address this focused requirement.   


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We have delivered a number of updates to improve styling of Management Reports. Including font size, bold text, alignment and a the addition of a new shape card. Check out the links below. Thanks for raising this idea!


  • Status changed to: On Roadmap
  • Currently if I have a table card on a report, I cannot easily highlight all the parent list members to specify a format. 

    Would be great if that option was also added along with the line item summaries so that we don't have to manually choose parent nodes for formatting. This is unfeasible for a large hierarchy with multiple parent members that keep changing.

  • It will also be great to have the possibility, as it's done in the dashboard, to automatically create a new slide (on the pdf export) if the text exceed the slide size. (i.e. Grid Handling —> Split)

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