Check Your Work


I need help I am getting negative numbers for my beginning inventory and the week 1 comes off as a 0. On top of that the "Override Suggested Order Amount?" Boolean is not allowing me enter anything even though I have allowed the write access. 


  • Hello Lloyd,


    Can you provide us some screenshots of the grid view and blueprint within the model?

  • Yes,


    I attached both of them below, I believe my formulas are working perfectly fine. 



  • Hi @lloydramatshaba ,


    We want the Beginning Inventory to be NOT zero for the 1st Week of a timescale. 

    I think the problem here is either with the source line item "DAT01 Beginning Inventory. Beginning Inventory" or  the reference formula is incorrect.


    Can you please check "DAT01 Beginning Inventory. Beginning Inventory" line item and if necessary share a screenshot of it with us?