Ability to customise message on Data Write Actions


The newly added Data Write actions which are available in Anaplan's UX have the potential to add a lot of functionality to UX pages which can benefit the end users.  Currently, when a user runs a data write action, they receive a message at the top right of the screen saying Data Write action successful. 

It would be very useful, if we could give model builders the ability to customise this message which is displayed to the end users.


The reason this would be useful is that often these data write actions are used to enable a user process.  For example, they might update the current date in the background which drives other filters or potentially tick some booleans to drive Dynamic Cell Access.


Being able to display a custom message to the user such as "Your submission has been locked" or "Date settings update" would be really useful in informing the user and allow the data write action to be more seamlessly embedded into the process which the model builder has designed.

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