Change Time Period names by allowing an alternative


Without creating Fake time and having to do mappings in modules, why not allow an alternative to be displayed, which would simplify the build, but also give the customer the desired headings on time. They can have this simply on any other list.

The example is a retail customer who has 4,4,5 and a non January start of year. They therefore want to be able to change from Jun 22 to say P3 22. This is how they operate and the months are confusing when days of the week may actually be in a different month.

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  • This would be a really helpful addition for Morrisons.  

  • Alternative time period name is much needed functionality to take care of the customer desired way of naming the time period.

  • This would absolutely be something that we need within Morrisons currently

  • This would be needed for Japanese customers who have difficulty reading the english months.
    For now, custom time is needed for displaying Japanese month names but this results in creating interim modules since custom time does not allow the use of logic which needs time dimensions such as timesum.
    This often results in more volume for sizing and is not ideal for customers.

  • This feature has been requested by many customers. It is a requirement for improved visibility.

  • this is nice idea and really wanted by many customer.

  • RKK

    Time display in Japanese language is required quite a lot by many customers. It definitely would be helpful for lots of customers if Anaplan platform can have this ability.

  • Time display change has been required by many customers. Please give priority to this functional improvement.

  • JasonB

    Yes absolutely! It does seem rather churlish to effectively insist on the use of Calendar months rather than P1, 2, 3 etc once you have allowed the model builder to opt for a 4,4,5 pattern or 13x4 weeks. I believe it is possible to work around this limitation with modelling feints, but the effort and technical overhead is too great - so not a true option.

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