Dropdown list vs Radio buttons


We have radio buttons for Site selection on the new UX and I am asked to change that to dropdown list.


In order to make the line item a dropdown list, I created the line item with the List format (Site). It seems I can't make Site a dimension of this line item.


A lot of the filters in the system were set up based on the radio button selections (boolean). Now with the new line item with list format, how can I convert it to a boolean line item? The boolean line item is dimensioned with Site but the list formatted line item is not. What would be the best formula to use here?


Example, user selects Munich from the dropdown list so the Site = Munich. How can Munich be checked for the boolean line item Site Filter.



Best Answer

  • bhatjaved

    @lilasququ  You may create a list formatted line item which users can use to select from dropdown .

    2 - Create a Boolean line item dimensioned by same drop down list than say ITEM(dropdown list) = user selection line item .


    It will check Boolean against that list item which has been selected in dropdown