Default number format for line item


As model builder I have to change format settings for each number-formatted line item individually when it's created.

Would be nice if somewhere in the system I could setup default number format to be applied automatically when new line item is created.

In example below you can see that once created a line item has the following default settings:


While my requirements say that number format has to be much different, which means many clicks to make each time:


Obviously, I can use copy and paste from another LI which is ready.

But the proposed feature could prevent me from forgetting to switch the format manually. And could help me focus more on model building rather than formating.

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  • 100% support this. I'm guessing it's always an issue with European customers as most prefer the comma for decimal point, and if we forget one single line item, it becomes a big issue and causes confusion for the users.

  • +1 upvote from me @KirillKuznetsov 

  • Support this idea a lot!

    Also when you copy-paste the format sometimes you can misclick & there is no chance to figure out quickly if the copy-paste was successful or not. You must visit the UX or open the format once again to make sure everything is correct.

    I'd propose not only to have the Default number format for line item, but also implement a colour-coding inside the blueprint to highlight those number-formatted line items that have the format different from the default one.

  • Good idea! Anaplan is worldwide system and this will help to take in account country or regional standarts.

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