Export List of Users Access


Does anyone know how I can export a list of what users has access to each entity within Anaplan?

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  • @wbroughton If you are tenant admin you could see users under administration tab for all the workspaces and look if you can export that .

    2nd option would be to get into model under users tab and export that list 

  • @bhatjaved @wbroughton 


    3rd option is to export the list.



  • Okay, I'm not a Tenant Admin and I don't see anyone in my organization listed as such. I did contact Anaplan Support to grant the first tenant admin.


    If I go under users tab and export that list, will the layout and information be the same as if I was under the tenant admin?

  • @wbroughton export layout will differ under users tab ,but should suffice the need 

  • @wbroughton 


    Tenant Admin does not have selective access, so the list members the users have access to, as that is only controlled from within the model.  So, if you want to know what users have access to certain members of a list, your only options are to export from Users or export the list.



  • Ok got it, thank you!

  • @wbroughton just be careful if it's a numbered list as it'll export as what the # item is. So you'll need to download the list that has selective access on it along with the # and do a match up. Worth downloading the user list as "each row separately"...