Ability to create an export for Excel with multiple tabs (from different modules)


As an end user, it would be good if Anaplan will be able to generate a report (in excel format) with multi-page exports in one go. 


This is for better usability in the case where users need to do external reporting and to submit multiple NUX pages reports to someone who doesn't have access to the model, the process will be more streamlined as the pre-defined report will be ready for the users at finger-tip instead of processing many times of exports and then to combine the exported files manually. 


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  • Have you looked at the Anaplan Excel Add-in?  This use case looks like something for the Add-in, as you can pull from different modules (or even different models) in the same spreadsheet.  I recommend trying that!



  • Thanks for the comment Stacey!


    We have looked into that but it would be great if this can be integrated in the NUX dashboards/ actions, so that the end users do not need any additional add-ins for ease of access for exporting the reports they need.  

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