Add DCA to INV01 Inventory Ordering



I'm having a hard time understanding the ask here.

First, I added Write Access drivers for line items. Snapshot below




Then, added formulae for the AD02 Inventory Ordering Overrides




What is the results being referred to in the ask. 




Appreciate the guidance here! Not making progress and not understanding the ask here.




  • Dear, @balaramki, have a good day! I just saw your issue which is the same as mine. Could you please tell if the solution was provided? I stuck here

  • Venki9902
    edited April 2023

    Hi @Sultanbek, @balaramki ,

    As I have gone through the user story and the image provided in the user story attaching here for reference.

    you have to check the highlighted line items(showing in colours) are working properly or not after applying a DCA.

    Screenshot:Blueprint view of inv01:

    Check if this is working for you after selecting the checkboxes mentioned like screenshot below:

    Hope this helps :)