Chart Data Labels - Show only one, and make font bigger

Hello - Is there a way to show only one of the data labels in a combo chart in the New UX? a lot of data labels are overlapping each other and it looks like a mess. I tried manually updating the scale, but then the scale doesn't look right when I make different selections. Being able to only have one data label would be really helpful.


Also - is there a way to make the font bigger than the 'Large' setting/select font size similar to the way you can in excel? The 'Large' data label is still small for me to see when showing larger amounts of data.

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  • this would 100% be game changer for charts in UX if there was more customisation of data labels in charts. You should be able to turn on/off labels for each series not a universal on or off. Data labels should also sync to the scale format on the axis as well. So if Axis in thousands K data labels would also show in thousands or just give the customisation capabilility of units for each data label series just like excel.

    Its quite messy when you have multiple series on a chart with all the data labels showing.

  • Further, the user needs to be able to hide the numeric values and display percentages only. As it stands, you have a really cluttered label with no option to customize it.

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