Calculate MOVINGSUM from module with no time to module with time


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I need to reference a source module line item with time to a target module line item without time to achieve an Actuals Rolling [6, 12, 28, 24 months] SUM using MOVINGSUM.


In this case, it would be the sum of the previous 6 months from Jan 22. 


Please see attached screenshots and let me know if I can provide any additional detail. Any insight is greatly appreciated!





  • @mmckenzie 

    I would suggest to use timesum formula as for start and end you can select time period as arguments.

    Then you need to calculate Start month with the following formula: 'TEST - CURRENT MONTH' - Month Number

    And the final formula should look like this:

    TIMESUM(source module line item, Start month , 'TEST - CURRENT MONTH' , SUM)


  • @KirillKuznetsov 


    Thanks for the quick response, this will work for the stagnant TIMESUM but when the current period switches to Feb 22, the SUM will not move according to month number. Any way to incorporate a mapping module?


    Thanks ahead of time,




  • @mmckenzie 

    Please send blueprint an other screenshots you think can help us to resolve this.