Gantt Chart Ability to Edit Columns



I would like to edit what is returned in the columns above a gantt chart.  Screenshot below is what I currently see.



I would like to remove/hide the year 2022 all together, and instead of showing months in the columns, show the numbers 1 through 12.  And if that isn't possible, would like to remove the columns all together and just show rows.


Are there any potential workarounds to achieve either of the above - appears the columns populate natively and are un-editable but want to check here.


  • schordia

    Based on the screenshot you provided and your requirements, it seems like you are using the Gantt chart feature in Anaplan. Unfortunately, Anaplan's Gantt chart has some limitations when it comes to customizing the columns above the chart.

    Removing/Hiding the Year:
    Currently, there is no direct way to remove or hide the year (e.g., 2022) from the columns above the Gantt chart in Anaplan. The year is automatically displayed based on the time period of your data.

    Showing Numbers 1 through 12 instead of Months:
    Similarly, Anaplan's Gantt chart does not provide an option to replace the month names with numbers 1 through 12 in the columns. The month names are automatically populated based on the time period of your data.

    Removing Columns Altogether:
    Anaplan's Gantt chart always displays the time periods as columns, and there is no built-in functionality to remove the columns and only show rows.

    While there are no direct ways to achieve your desired customizations within Anaplan's Gantt chart, you can consider the following workarounds:

    1. Use a different visualization: If the Gantt chart limitations are hindering your requirements, you may want to explore other visualization options available in Anaplan, such as a table or a custom chart, that provide more flexibility in formatting and displaying data.
    2. Export and customize externally: If you need to present the Gantt chart with your desired customizations, you can export the data from Anaplan and create a custom Gantt chart using external tools like Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or specialized Gantt chart software. This way, you'll have more control over the formatting and appearance of the chart.
    3. Provide feedback to Anaplan: If the customization options you require are important for your use case, you can reach out to Anaplan support or your Anaplan representative to provide feedback and request enhancements to the Gantt chart feature. They may consider incorporating your suggestions in future updates.

    In summary, while Anaplan's Gantt chart has some limitations in terms of customizing the columns, you can explore alternative visualizations within Anaplan, export the data to create a custom Gantt chart externally, or provide feedback to Anaplan for potential future enhancements.