Level 1 Model Building Exam Activtiy 5 -- unable to calculate right formulas




Can anyone please suggest to me what is the mistake I'm making here?







  • Hi Apruv989,


    As this is the exam I won't give you solutions, but I can give you things to think about.

    First of all, it's difficult for me to pin point what's going wrong as I don't know the dimensions of the source module.


    I would say double check that all dimensions are being mapped and that you've understood what the question is asking you to require. What 2 dimensions does the question mention - do you need to use this in you formulas?


    I would also consider trying another function that might be similar to what you've tried.


    Use Anapedia: https://help.anaplan.com/186d3858-241b-4b78-8aa5-006fc4260546-All-Functions


    Hope this helps!


  • I finally found out the mistakes I was making in mapping, I passed the exam, but now I'm stuck with another problem which is, it is still reflecting my first attempt, unable to generate the certificate.


    I'm getting only this.



  • I think you need to fill out the survey before having access to the certificate. The link should be on the same page as the L1 exam details page.