Dependent Dropdown by using filter


Hi, I want to use Dependent Dropdown list.


I want to use Boolean Lineitem as "Filter Filter_Product based on data in " setting.

Now I can filter by only 1 item.

If we can this system, I can filter by 2 or more than items.


In Anaplan, Can we achieve this?






  • @hyudolee  as you already notice, the dependent dropdown can be achieved only using a property..

    However, you can populate the value of that property using a Formula.  

    In your case: you have a boolean "Filter Filter_Product"

    Create a new property "Location Filtered" with a formula like:


    IF Filter Filter_Product THEN Location ELSE Blank


    You can use in the Dependent Dropdown list the new property "Location Filtered" instead of "Location" and it will be shown in the Product only those Products with Filter Filter_Product = TRUE for that particular Location.


    Hope it helps


  • Hi, @alexpavel !


    I tried your suggestion, but I couldn't.

    Filte_Product(2) should show A & B, but show only A.

    What is the problem?







    List : Location - Product List. 





  • The Dependent drop-down works with 2 line-items into a module with the same dimensionality :


    1. Line-item needs to be formatted as "Location". 

    2. Line-item to be formatted at Product. 


    It is also needed a list with properties in order to have the definition of the valid intersections of the Location and Product (which you already have). 


    The list shown in the drop-down line-item Product will always be dependent of what value will be shown in the line-item Location


    In your case, in order to see the A and B products, it is needed to have the value of the Location = Y in a line-item formatted as Location list. 


    Not sure I fully understand what kind of expected behavior you are expecting :)


    My impression was that you would like to define, using a boolean, what are the "active" Products.. something like: for the Location Y you have defined as valid intersections the products A B and C...but you want to show in the combo only A and B. 


    If you need to show only the Products for the Locations that you flag with boolean you can achieve this with these steps:


    1. Create a new List containing only 1 element "Dummy"

    2. Add a new property in the list combination Product-Location formatted as list Dummy

    3. Create a formula for this new Dummy-Filtered property similar to the Location-Filtered formula (something like)

         If Location filtered boolean then Dummy else Blank


    4. in the module where you have the Products as line-item, add a new line-item formatted as Dummy and with fixed value as formula: Dummy

    5. Create the dependent for the line-item formatted as Product using the new Dummy-Filtered property


    Hope it helps