LOOKUP function with a version module


Hello all,


I am facing a situation that seems weird to me. In a module, I want to repatriate the value of a forecast made last month. So I create a line item that uses the LOOKUP function :

previous Fcst = Fcst Qty[LOOKUP: Param Version.Previous Version], Param Version is a system module that manages versions.


It seems to work. The value is: previous Fcst = 200 (it is a dummy value, but it is to make the situation more readable)


I play with the module and I change the value of the current forecast : 100


Then I create a new line item identical to the previous one: previous Fcst #2= Fcst Qty[LOOKUP: Param Version.Previous Version]


The values are :

previous Fcst = 200

previous Fcst #2 = 100


Both values should be 200 and the creation order seems to be involved in the situation.


Finally, I create an intermediate line item : PREVIOUS VERSION = Param Version.Previous Version and update the two line items:

previous Fcst = Fcst Qty[LOOKUP: PREVIOUS VERSION] = 200

previous Fcst #2 = Fcst Qty[LOOKUP: PREVIOUS VERSION] = 200


This seems to work with an intermediate line item


Can you help me to understand this situation?


Many thanks



Best Answer

  • M.Kierepka
    Thank you for additional information.
    As I understand, the problem lays in Anaplan process in mapping items between full and subset list on-the-fly in LOOKUP - as you pointed out, it doesn't work as expected (but in the same time it doesn't throw error about incorrect dimensions during development). Maybe you can report it as a bug and Anaplan developers will fix it?
    In the meantime, I'd advise using this extra line item, as you did (however I'd place it in System "Param Version" module and remove all unnecessary dimensions).


  • Hi,
    Based on the fact hat you use LOOKUP, I assume your versions list is some custom one, not default Anaplan Versions? (As you cannot use lookup with built-in ones).
    Can you provide screenshot of blueprint? Maybe you have some difference in dimensions used?
  • Thanks for your reply. Yes, versions list is custom one.

    I provide you some screenshots :

    1 – the forecast module



    2 – the versions module. The LI “Previous Version” use as format a list “Forecast Version”



    3 – the list version is « Lst version » and  “Forecast Version” is a Subsets :



    So I realize now that the formats (list) are not exactly the same, but I do no understand why it doesn’t work with the first formula : Fcst Qty from External Sales[LOOKUP: Param Version.Previous Version]

  • Thank you for your comments.
    I will follow your recommendations.