Formula to YEARVALUE with Actual months


Hi Guys!!

Could you please help me with a topic? I have a module, where I need to calculate the average of my NET SALES for 2022, and that every month has the same value. I applied the YEARVALUE/12 formula and it works for Forecast months. However, for the current month, Anaplan brings me the Actual value and divides it by 12. And I need an FY average of that value. I already tried to make boolean IF ACTUAL THEN NEXT (Net Sales) ELSE YEARVALUE/12 but it doesn't help. Anaplan continues to bring me current values in January. Anyone have an idea how to do this?




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  • @ClauPelisarre1 

    I think it may happen with a switchover.

    Blueprint has a setting to turn off Switchover per each line item.




  • Switchover is such a pesky thing.. sometimes you need and sometimes you don't.

    And often it does weird things when you least it expect it to.

  • This should give you what you want:


    Net Sales[SELECT: TIME.'FY22', SELECT: VERSIONS.Forecast] / 12



  • It was pointed out to me that this solution is a bit brittle as it will only work for FY22 🙂


    A more robust solution would be to create a line item `Net Sales Avg by Year` with timescale 'Year' and versions 'Not Applicable' and set the formula of that to:


    Net Sales[SELECT: VERSIONS.Forecast] / 12


    Then set the formula of `Net Sales FY Avg` to:


    YEARVALUE(Net Sales Avg by Year)