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In the UX there is no good option for my client to display a chart with units in billions. The options are as follows:

  • Divide our final output line item by 10^9. They don’t want to display it as 3dp which is the required level of detail in other columns.
  • Divide our final output line item by 10^3 or 10^6. The interpretation is a confusing way to show a value in billions when referring to the axis, as shown in the image below.
  • Leaving units as they are looks messy when they want to show data labels. The value for billions on the axis also shows as a ‘G’ which multiple clients have asked why this isn’t just designated by a 'B'.

Because of the use of data labels, a fairly good option would be the ability to change the font colour of each axis individually, so that I can at least hide the y-axis without losing the column chart labels on the x-axis.


The ideal scenario would be to select the units each line item should be displayed in within the module / on charts.







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  • Changing the axis colours independent of one another would be a great short term fix for this and improve display options in other uses too! 

  • Hi,


    we was looking for this feature, too. Our expectation would have been to find this option in the settings of a NUX widget, so that we can edit the scale of line items based on the context, in which they are displayed.


    I want to add two specifications for this:

    1. It should be possible to have a negative exponent scaling, too. Like 10 to the power of -1 and so on.
    2. It should be possible to label the scaling factor with a suffix. Our company is selling energie. So the base unit is "kWh" for cosumption metrics. 1000 kWh should be displayed as "GWh" instead of "Tsd. kWh"

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