Level 3

SYS 03 is already built in module and it already has formulas. These formulas not pulling any data.




Please advise.


  • @PoojaGupta check all these lists which are being referenced in formulas if they are populated with respect to their codes and parents . Once you see them your formulas will derive right results 

  • @bhatjaved 

    For the code formula, Code is already in the A2 Product list. Not sure why it is still not pulling.




    I am stuck on this part for so long. Please advise.

  • Hi @PoojaGupta


    Think about what's wrong with your 'A2 Account>Product#' list. A small hint: all the list items seem bold. Think about that. And what should be the list items? 


    Hopefully this hint and question will help you solve it. 






  • Hi @PoojaGupta 


    I believe your system module will be populated once you load the Account Product Combination from the data hub to the Account>Product list in your Level 3 model.


    Thanks, Obaid