Plan IQ. Data Collections. Data format

Hi! I have a question in regards to the 1st step of Plan IQ.

(I went through Anaplan Plan IQ learning, but still cannot really figure it out)

I set up data like in the example, but still it failed.

It says:

Historical or Related data Time column contains time format that is not recognised. Refer to the Anapedia article ‘Set up a data collection’ (I did but it didn't work).

I wish there would be more examples...

So, may be someone used Plan IQ, and could help me to figure out how to use it.

Is that a right version of data that I have to export from Anaplan?


Thank you.


Screenshot 2022-03-03 at 19.04.34.png



  • @JoannaAn,

    Certainly! Here are 5 key pointers to troubleshoot issues with Plan IQ:

    1. Time Format in Historical Data:
      1. Confirm that the time format in your historical data aligns with Plan IQ's expectations. Ensure that the timestamp column is formatted correctly.
    2. Check Historical Data Columns:
      1. Verify that your historical data contains the required columns, including identifiers (item_id, timestamp), and Plan IQ-specific columns like PlanIQ_Trend_Quarterly.
    3. Timestamp Formatting:
      1. Double-check the formatting of the timestamp column in your historical data. The format should be consistent and match the expected format for Plan IQ.
    4. Data Collection Setup:
      1. Review your data collection setup in Anaplan. Ensure the time column is configured correctly, and the time format aligns with the actual data in your model.
    5. Refer to Anapedia and Plan IQ Documentation:
      1. Refer to the Anapedia article 'Set up a data collection' for guidance and check the Plan IQ documentation for any specific requirements or examples that might assist you in setting up your data correctly.