Ability to designate modules by their specific role in DISCO


DISCO is helpful for model builders to use as they build from scratch, or even getting up to speed in an existing project. I think Anaplan should have a way to designate which part of the DISCO framework each module is being used for. (similar to "Functional Area")


While there is the "Functional Area" column that could be used to do this, but those are typically used for the business purpose of the module ("Revenue", "Costs", "Employees" etc.). What I'm suggesting would be a dedicated column in the Modules tab, next to "Functional Area" to be used to designate a module as "Data", "Inputs", "System", "Calculations", or "Output".  


I can also see the model map feature benefiting from this as perhaps a user could alternate the model map view between functional area coloration and "DISCO" coloration. This could help someone see if, for instance, a System module perhaps was being used for more than its intended purpose. 


Ultimately I think this would further encourage model builders to build using the DISCO framework, would help people get up to speed even faster when taking on an existing model, and be more easily auditable down the road as well. (PLANS)

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  • whitby

    I agree - It is about making the systems as easy to read and understand as possible. If you have the DISCO identifier in an easy to view spot on the module page, it means you can much more quickly figure out where to focus or not to focus in a model (rather than individually reviewing each module to understand what it does).


    I have seen in the planual a recommendation to use data tags, but this column is too far away and hidden (unless you have a super wide screen). Normally, if a model is above 30 modules I put a DISCO identifier in the module name - but i think your solution would be better. Ideally right next to module name / functional area.

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