P2 Product and Product Platform Level 3



P2 Product and Product Platform is not populating any data, even though I tried to create Display name and using that in Formula FINDITEM(Product Flat, Display Name) and the message I am getting is "

Display Name is not a recognized line item or list member



Please advise. I am stuck here 😞


  • Hi @PoojaGupta ,


    You have the right idea for the formula, it's just your naming convention for Display Name that isn't quite right. The formula isn't recognizing Display Name because it's searching for a line item with that name within your SYS module. You need to rewrite the formula to make sure it's looking for the display name within the list you're referencing (in this case, I believe "A2 Account>Product#".


    One other issue is that currently within the New Modeling Experience, you are unable to click on a list property within formula editor and have it populate the formula you are working on (which I believe is a known issue that is being worked on). This works in the classing modeling experience, otherwise you have to manually type it out right now if using the New Modeling Experience (which it looks like you are). In this case since the list contains special characters, you'll have to add single quotes around the list while writing the formula in the form: FINDITEM('P2 Product','*List Name*'.Display Name)


    Hopefully that helps, please let me know if more detail is needed!