New UX - pages/apps to remain visible after source model archived


My request is to have pages/apps to remain visible after source model has been archived for page builders. The pages can be greyed out and inaccessible (similar to archived models), with the pages and linked archived model showing in the "Manage this app" -> "Show Models" window. 


Currently, when the source model of a UX page has been archived, the UX pages 'disappear' and become inaccessible. The page does not show in the "Manage this app" -> "Show Models" window as well. If the app is only connected to the archived source model, the whole app disappears as well.


As a result, it has become difficult to track pages and apps, and lead to confusions. As an example, when the page builder is creating a new page, an error is received because a page of the same name already exists. The page builder cannot see this UX page and have no way of finding the archived model.

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  • jonathan_fogden
    edited November 2022

    I agree. It is all too easy to remove the model the app is attached to and then not be able reattach the app to the latest model iteration. Any duplicate app has to be called something different, creating conditions for user confusion

  • Agandhi
    edited November 2022

    We just faced this issue, should be fixed. It better to just have them show as model unavailable or error and new model needs to be selected.


    @SzaraL @MichaelH @a

  • This thread needs WAY MORE ATTENTION.  I have just experienced this and am hoping that Anaplan Support will be able to restore the workspace in question from 24 hours ago. 


    Yesterday, I refreshed Dev and Test models from Prod and didn't think I had any actual need to keep the previous versions (which were only about a week old anyway -- no in-model development, only App development).  I wrongly assumed that I would be able to simply remap the app to the new versions of the models.  Wow.  

  • Agreed, upon moving from staging to production, the model changes are deployed and the staging being disposable is removed.

    Having to plan for remapping existing pages to new models before doing models cleanup managements tasks puts a huge uncessary pressure on people that are then required to double check all pages that could get orphaned by a model removal at the risk of not being able to go back and solve the issue afterwards :(

  • DennisR

    This thread needs WAY MORE ATTENTION.  I have just experienced this.

  • @DennisR something that might help is the recent ability to restore a model up to 14 days from deletion… Check out the new release notes. I hope you can easily recover your app by restoring the model that was deleted!!

    • Restore a previously deleted Model: Users will be able to restore a previously deleted model. Models will be available to be restored for a period of 14 days from deletion; beyond this they will be removed without notification


  • DennisR

    @Stacey_Gibbens thanks, we do have the model properly archived, but manage our space. We can unarchive and switch models. It just seems a poor design to require this prior prior to model archive.

  • DennisR

    @Stacey_Gibbens apparently we were not as archived as I thought. It appears that this restore function restores a copy rather than restoring the original. The App/Page won't recognize it.

  • There has been a recent release in June 2023:

    • Updates to the App Table of Contents: We’re making changes to the App Table of Contents screen. Page builders will be able to see pages associated with archived models, and end users will no longer see categories which appear empty to them.

    I have yet to check out whether this works for apps that are connected to only archived models.

  • We just noticed a new related issue: a model referenced by all pages in an app has been deleted in the past beyond the restore period of 14 days. Now the app is not visible, and trying to rename a current app (to the old name (of the "invisible" app) won't be possible. The error message just says "the update failed".

    It would be helpful if apps can be independently managed same as models: archive/disable and delete, regardless of the referenced model/s status.

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