Rank function with Time


Hi, I want to use Rank Function.

I want to rank "Num" with Location-Product.



I input formula into RANK Lineitem.



But the Rank function doesn't run. 

What is the problem?





  • Misbah



    I believe it is TIME dimension.   Since every time member/item is considered to be a separate block logically it won't rank across blocks. To test this hypothesis you can get rid of Time dimension and use the same formula and see Rank working perfectly. 


    Since there are no duplicate time periods, it will consider every cell to be unique and rank every cell as 1. Remember One Whole List (Non Hierarchical) is considered to one block whereas in case of TIME and VERSIONS every Item of these is considered as one block. Hence rank works differently on TIME dimension.


    Hope that helps



  • To work around this you could map your Anaplan Time to a Fake Time List, perform the rank and then map back to Anaplan time.


    Set up a list with items 1-n where n=number of periods in your timescale +1

    Set up 2 mapping modules - 1 dimensioned by Anaplan Time and 1 by Fake Time.  Have line items in those modules to pull in the appropriate mapping.

    Set up a module with the same dimensions as above but replace Anaplan time with the Fake time list

    Lookup the data you want to rank using your Fake Time -> Real-time mapping module

    Calculate the RANK

    Pass the rank info back to the Anaplan Time module using your Anaplan Time_Fake time lookup module.