How to avoid duplicate item with time (ISFirstOccurence)


Hi I want to make concatinate List.


I have this table.

Customer is determined by Product.

Supplier is determined by Product and Time(week). 

Now I want to Customer-Supplier List.

But in this case, I cannot identify unique key(Customer-Supplier Lineitem).

So When I import to Customer-Supplier List, duplicate error has occured. 

How can I identify it?




I know I can use IsFirstOccurrence function by making Fake Time List.

But I don't want to do this.

Do you have any idea?



I found another method.

I can import Num Lineitem From "Product List Module" to "Customer Supplier Module".

Then I can make "Customer Supplier list" uniquely.




By using this import method, Import cell will drastically increase.

Is there another simple method?


  • Hi,
    Indeed, you need to use ISFIRSTOCCURENCE() function, but as an argument you need to pass concatenated names/codes of product-supplier (this concatenated ID will also serve as code or name identifier duing import).
  • Hi, @M.Kierepka.


    I know that  I have to use product-supplier codes.

    But the problem is this module has more than two dimensions.


    I think I can't use IsFirstOccurrence Function.

    Is there any solution?



  • Hi,
    Sorry, I missunderstood the part with time (I thought you are using Fake Time List, but now I see you DON'T want to do this).
    So I don't other solution, just the one that you started building, but instead of reimport, you can use [ANY:] function. In your source module put line item that is always just TRUE, and then in your target module, add Boolean line item and put formula like: Source.TRUE[ANY:Source.Customer, ANY:Source.Supplier]
  • I set the True Lineitem, but I couldn't aggregate it.

    I think Supplier has dimensioned by Time and Product.

    I don't want to aggregate by Supplier * Customer * Time because of memories.