How to Find Combination of List

I want to Find combination of List.


I have relationship of Customer-Product and Product-Supplier.

Then I want to find combination of Customer-Supplier.

Now I don't want to make Lineitem which has "Customer*Product*Supplier" as Applies To because of memories.

What kind of formula should I set?







  • Hello Anaplan Model Builder

    I have developed a solution for the above-used case. I am assuming that there are three lists: Products List, supplier List & Customer list. There can be two input modules one with Product & Supplier lists only as dimensions and another will be Product & Customer lists only as dimensions. Finally, there will be an ultimate module with Customer & Supplier lists only as dimensions. There will be a mapping of Customers and Suppliers based upon the inputs given in modules 1,2.

    Module 1: Where the developer can select the customers against the products

    Create the Input Lineitem Boolean Formatted, Product Customer Map.

    Module 2: Where the developer can select the Supplier against the Products

    Create the Input Lineitem Boolean Formatted, Product Supplier Map.

    Module 3: Intermediate module with all 3 lists as the dimension

    This module is created to establish the link between the suppliers and Customers lists based on their mutual mappings with the products list.

    Create three boolean formatted line-items and one number formatted. Line item details are given below.

    1) Product - Supplier Map (Boolean): Refer to the line item from Module 1

    2) Product - Customer Map (Boolean): Refer to the line item from Module 2

    3) Customer Supplier Map (Boolean): For the particular combination of Product, Customer & Supplier if the above two booleans are true then this must be true else false.

    This line item will help us to find the mapping between Customer - Supplier lists based on their mutual links with the Product list.

    Formula: IF 'Product - Supplier Map' AND 'Product - Customer Map' THEN TRUE ELSE FALSE

    4) Customer - Supplier Boolean - Number (Number): This line item converts the above boolean into binary numbers. It will help us in the final module.

    Formula: IF 'Product - Supplier Map' AND 'Product - Customer Map' THEN 1 ELSE 0

    Module 4: Final module with the established mapping between Customer - Supplier Lists

    Create the boolean formatted line item, Customer - Supplier Map. This line item will be true if the last line-item created in Module 3 is true else false.

    Formula: IF 'Customer - Supplier- Product'.'Customer - Supplier Boolean - Number' = 1 THEN TRUE ELSE FALSE

    Thus the Customer - Supplier Boolean - Number line item created in module 3 helps us to combine Customer and Supplier lists based on the products.

    Kind request to the model builders coming across this post, please let me know is there is the efficient and better solution to this.

    Thanks for reading !!