Boolean Formula in List item

I have 3 level hierarchy 

Namely --- Country > State > District
State and District has line items as properties namely Active in Boolean format 


i want to connect the two by using formula like if parent(district) = true then true else else 


is there any way to achieve it without using module?


  • @HarishBabu 


    You need LOOKUP function here


    Formula might look like this


    State Module. Active Line item[LOOKUP: District Module. Sate Line item]


    Here State Line item in Lookup has to be List formatted on State in Module dimensioned by District. We usually place these in SYS modules.


    Hope that helps



  • Is there any way to achieve it by property formula bar?
  • @HarishBabu 


    Formula Stays same whether you write it in Module line item or List Property