Grouping line item data?


Hi All, I'm new to AP and I have a question.....

I have a module that has Employee, Product Line and time as the dimension. 

My question is how do I tell Anaplan to group by certain products only?

ie. Product Line: Apple, Pears, Oranges, Fig, Lemon, Tangerines. 

I want to group : Apple and Pears into "Fruits" , Oranges and Tangerines into "Citrus" and all "others". Do i need to create another list but I am not sure how to tell anaplan that if the Product Line = Product List return me "Fruits"? 


  • Hi @ntrddragn ,


    There are a couple of ways to accomplish this. First, you can create a new list that acts as the parent of Product Line, let's call it Product Family. You can then categorize the product lines into their respective product families, and any module using Product Line as a dimension will automatically roll up sums into these product families.


    The other method you can use is utilizing a list subset. You can open your Product Line list and insert a Subset. Under Grid View, you can then select various products to be part of that subset. You can then use that subset as its own list in various modules.


    The former is more likely your best bet. Let me know if any more detail is needed.




  • Hi @ntrddragn 


    WHat you can do is create a list  with "fruit , citrus and tangerines " as items , which will be the parent of the product line list 

    then you can assign the product lines to the category via parent field , so values at parent level will aggregate automatically .

    Alternatively , if it shouldnt be a hierarchy , then you can establish a mapping between product line and category in a separate module (use category as list formatted ) and then aggregate in a separate module to the category list via SUM 

  • Sorry I should have been more specific. Currently the module is used to determined the count of each of these product line. I want to keep this the way it is. What is being asked is to also group these product line into a multiple groups and each of these group will get a target (goal) #. I will then need to determined the % percentage to goal by quarter. The time dimension is currently in Month. 


    I did create a subset as suggested but I am still confused on how to 'bring' it into my current module. 



  • Hi @ntrddragn ,


    Not a problem at all, apologies for misunderstanding. Would it be possible to provide a screenshot of your module? I'm having a little trouble picturing it.




  • making group isn't difficult