Assigning accounts to territory


I am not getting any reference on how to assign accounts to territory. 

Can anyone please give any hints.





  • Hey Pooja,'



    For pulling Account name , you can refer "Territory Account details" System module for the same.

    I think this might help you to derive Account Name.





  • @priyanka1029 

    I already have account name. 

    I am looking for target value. Any hints for it please.

    and also how to assign account to territory.





  • @PoojaGupta 


    For Target value , Pull data from TAR02 , looking up at year and account from system modules.





  • @priyanka1029 

    Thanks for looking into it.

    Numbers are populating now, somehow total doesn't match with total target sales in Tar02?


    Also could you please give me hint over assigned>1?


    Really appreciate your help.




  • Target number in 'QUO01 Territory module' is off by $574,601 for product 'Chocolatemm' if I compare with Final sales target number from TAR02.

    I figured out that this product is not mentioned in the CVV file(Territory+Account) we uploaded in G4T Territory list.

    Anyone else came across with this problem?

    What is the solution for it.






  • Hi do you have hint on the Assigned > 1? thank you 

  • Hi @jehular were you able to solve the formula for “Assigned>1?” I am stuck at it…

  • @Ssudilovsky Yes I solve the formula for “Assigned>1.” I just created another line to count_account

  • Csta

    Hey Puja,

    How did you get the values populated for:

    The list is there and formula too. Not getting why can't I see them filled in the module as well.

    Help with a hint plz!

  • @Ssudilovsky - Can you please give me a hint on what you did for Assigned>1?

  • @Ssudilovsky this is what i did but i am not getting anything checked