Circular Reference Error While Calculating Opening Base with Custom version

Hi All.


I'm facing an issue in solving the Opening Base Calculation. Please help to resolve it!!!


Custom Versions - Actual, Estimate,Budget

Time Period (in Months)

Country List

Department List

GL Accounts


In the below screenshot, closing base is the sum of Opening Base,Gross Activation and Churn Rate. 


When i try to calculate the opening base ( first month of the calendar year will be input following months will be previous month data to be copied (which includes custom versions)) it s throwing me circular reference error. However i try to create staging module, I'm not able to achieve the desired result as per the below screenshot. 



Thanks in Advance !!



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  • Panji
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    HI @aishabhy05,


    For you error, you need to split module to every version and then need to combine


    1. you can create 3 module (without dimension version) Actual, Estimate, and Budget

    2. for Actual module have 2 Opening base (input and formula)


    3.for Estimate module only have 1 opening base(formula) and get amount form closing actual


    4. for budget module only have 1 opening base(formula) and first period get amount form closing estimate


    5. Last for Final module, you can combine all version


    Here the blueprint file