Filter Issue


Hi All,


I have 2 modules,

Module 1-

Dimensions -  Entity, Custom Version, Time Period, Department

Line Item - A,B,C


Module 2-

Dimensions - Custom Version

Line Items as Follows:



When i apply this filter in source module (module 1) , It still shows me the estimate and budget. which i wanted to hide. (Jan 22, Feb 22 for estimate and budget versions are blank by using DCA)



I want to filter only Actual Jan 22 and Febb 22. Not sure whats going wrong here, can help on this please? 





  • Hi @aishabhy05 ,


    Are you sure that filter in Module 2 is equal FALSE for Estimate and Budget Versions in Jan 22 and Feb22? I can't see that from your first screenshot, so can you please check this? 




  • Hi,
    It should work, so the problem has to be somwhere else - can you show exactly how filter is applied, and also recheck that in your filter source Jan & Feb are TRUE only for Actual version?
  • aishabhy05_0-1647333951410.png

    It is false for Feb 22 and JAn 22 for Estimate and budget

  • It is true only for the actual version. Has it anything to do with a summary of the source module? The summary has been set to Any for filters of actual, estimate, and budget versions. And no other filter condition has been given in the target module apart from the below condition




  • I found a solution, in source module i was using Subset of Custom version list. In target module i used Custom Version list. when i change the target module dimension to Subset of Custom Version List it worked!!! Thanks for your support !! @ogilkons  @M.Kierepka