How to cascade a year boolean into months?


I have a boolean that allows users to select if they would like to add a price adjustment by years. If a user selects that they would like a price adjustment then it should apply to all months within that year. I have another module by month where if a user selected to add the price adj boolean for the year from the previous module it would check off the module for months to add in the price adj. For some reason when I select the year boolean as true, it isn't reflected in the months boolean of the second module. How can I get the years boolean to also cascade down to month level in the second module?


  • Hi,
    You can use YEARVALUE() formula.
  • Another solution would be to have a line item for Year in your time settings module and use it to lookup the year: Module1.BooleanLineItem[LOOKUP: TimeSettings.Year]


    This method works for any composite hirerarcy where you want to bring a value from a higher level in the hierarchy down to a lower level.  Have a system module for the Lower level list with line items for higher levels in the hierarchy and use those to lookup the values you want.