SYS08 Region and Role


Hi -


I am trying to bring in Region and Role. I added them as a line item in my module: 


Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 1.11.17 AM.png


Here are all the modules:


Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 1.11.46 AM.png


And here are my lists:


Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 1.11.34 AM.png


Can anyone help me with how to write a formula to bring in Region and Role?


  • tspoon

    Actually just need help brining in Role...

  • 1. Do you have any data where Employee and Role are mapped together?

    2. Do you have a module where this mapping already exists?

    3. Is there a list property in the employees list populated with role?


    If 1 - then most likely you will need to use a data import rather than a formula

    If 2 - then what are the dimensions of the module where the mapping exists?

    If 3 - then should be as easy as entering a formula as 'employee list'.Role

  • sobaid

    You need to import them from the csv file