Using Excel function in Anaplan



My question is

There is a Function in Excel and there is no similar kind for function in Anaplan, so how to in cooperate that function in Anaplan 



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  • TimWard70
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    Apologies NORMINV uses differential calculus and mine is too rusty to give you a solution.


    If you have someone who is good at calculus and can break down the below into simple calculations (A x B, A^B, log(a) etc) then I'm sure we can build it.


    Normal inverse cumulative distribution function - MATLAB norminv - MathWorks United Kingdom


    The norminv function uses the inverse complementary error function erfcinv. The relationship between norminv and erfcinv is




    The inverse complementary error function erfcinv(x) is defined as erfcinv(erfc(x))=x, and the complementary error function erfc(x) is defined as




  • Hey @SuryaKrishna228 

    Can you please elaborate what exactly you are trying to achieve.
  • Hi @priyanka1029 

    Like we have a function in a Excel and we don't have type of function in Anaplan, so how to use that excel function in Anaplan



  • Most excel calculations can be replicated in Anaplan, however, you will often need to understand the calculation behind the excel function or if not, then exactly what the result needs to be and then build out a calculation in Anaplan.

    If you can be specific on what you are trying to achieve then I am sure you will be helped to find a solution.

  • Can you tell how do we build it in Anaplan 

  • Possibly, but you need to tell us which function you want to replicate first.
  • Sorry for that 

    I want to build NORMINV Excel function in the Anaplan