JDBC coonector > Invalid argument in JDBC call: parameter index out of range: 1


Hi Model Builders,


I need your advise on this below error


I tried to follow the steps mentioned in this document to build a JDBC connector using Anaplan Connect - https://anaplanenablement.s3.amazonaws.com/Academy/Platform/SA/SA_01/L08/WEB/index.html#/lessons/L_kD_rXFRzmz2kf0p4KDbsKlt3RLWk0z


It seems that the JDBC connection is established but may be something is wrong with the JDBC query



Can anyone suggest what can be the issue







  • Hi,
    I think that the source of the problem is not enough column names in last line (jdbc.params). You should have the same number of headers in this line as columns in SELECT clause.
  • Hi M.Kierepka,


    Thanks for your suggestions. As I have 9 columns in my source file, could you please let me know how to update the values for jdbc.params - I tried updating the below options, but its not working


    jdbc.params= Employees, Code, Dept Code, Country Code, Start Date, Leave Date, Current Salary, Commission %, Active?


    jdbc.query=SELECT Employees.Employees, Employees.Code, Employees.[Dept Code], Employees.[Country Code], Employees.[Start Date],Employees.[Leave Date], Employees.[Current Salary], Employees.[Commission %], Employees.[Active?] FROM Employees;




  • Well, so I am not sure why it fails now. Does it yield the same error message?
    Can you try params with only latin alphabet characters? so without "%" and "?" or other special symbols.
  • @M.Kierepka 

    It works if you deactivate jdbc.params