Level 1 Model Building Exam - Activity 6


I am trying to calculate the phone costs for a department in December 2020 and medical costs for a department in December 2020.


The formulas I am using in REP04 are producing numbers, but they are incorrect. Here is REP04:




It draws from SYS08:



I keep getting the wrong number whether I use EMP02 or EMP03 in the formula. 









Can anyone help an amateur Anaplanner on where I am going wrong?


  • hi @tspoon 


    So if you see the dimension of REP04 is on region , role and department  , but your formula uses sum only for region and role , you need to use department mapping as well after that so that it is correctly assigned to department 


    Hope this solves the issue

  • tspoon

    Hi - thanks so much for your input. I corrected the formula but am still getting the wrong numbers which makes me think there's something wrong with EMP02. Is it because I don't have region as part of the formula in EMP02? I have department and role in there but no region.



  • Hi

    The Time Scale As per the requirement its Years

  • Hi @tspoon ,

    EMP02 is the right source for REP04, because EMP03 gives driver details at role and department level. We first calculate individual expenses at employee level in EMP02 using this driver data, and then aggregate them in REP04 at region and role level.

    So couple of issues I see here:

    1. Your data in EMP03 looks off. Please reload the file into this module and cross check with the file.
    2. REP04 is a summary report module at region and role levels. Your formula in initial snapshot made sense but the dimensionality is the problem
    3. As @sreesanda pointed, this reporting module REP04 should be at year level