Level 3 Model Build TAR01 Module/SYS03 Module



I'm having trouble with putting together the TAR01 Module. I understand the task is to get the Total Revenues of my Products (P1 List) by Country and it's "Children" (G2 List), and then fine the percentage of that by dividing by total annual revenue of a country (Total Annual Revenue by Country and Product / Total Annual Revenue by Country). In order to do this I have to use the set up provided by the TAR01 which I need to find the formula for the LI's. I'm instructed to pull this data from the DAT02 which has the dimensionality of A2 Account>Product and is using a LOOKUP function to pull that data in from my Historical Data. I'm having a problem using my DAT02 data module to look up needed LI's from my SYS03 module, especially with in regards to Country and Product. I have screenshots below. Please assist.