Designate a dummy module as a Group, show alternate formatting for clearer model building experience


Similar to how you can set a line item to different formats to help readability and organization, I would like to have similar functionality in the module view window. Organizing the module view in a similar way would be really helpful as module count grows in large models. 


Currently the "best practice" is to create a dummy module and give it some way to stand out, such as "---" or "<<<" in the title.  My idea is to create a column in the modules view so the model builder can set the dummy module's style as a "group" which in turn should:

  • Change the formatting of the module line to a different color, bold text etc. so it stands out
  • Enable all modules underneath it to roll up / collapse (until the next group) using a little clickable triangle
  • Inherit properties etc. (Example, Model builder can quickly set the "Functional area" of the group and it would pass that on to child modules)  

Here's a visual mockup of how I believe it would look when implemented:

Design with proposed changesDesign with proposed changes

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  • whitby

    I like the initial idea. I agree that the ability to collapse functional areas would be really useful.


    Looking at your mockup I'm wondering if you could extend that style column to allow sub-categorisation of modules e.g. your Group section and then by DISCO classification within it (or a custom classification), maybe even with some simple colour coding...

  • Great idea, I'd extend the idea to be a request for 'Folders' that we could create in any area, Modules, Lists, Actions etc. It would let us organise our models and tbf is provided in many other applications  

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