Question on Calculating the Redistribution Factor



I would like to know if the way I'm calculating the distribution factor is correct? The only problem I believe would be the denominator, because I only want the product values and not the product values total. Any advise would help. 




Thank you 

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  • Kanishq17
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    Hi @Magali so the logic is given in the descriptions and you need to use hold override from the target review module to derive the account target to be changed at country level in the country module , from there the factor will be used for the accounts to calculate their final targets


    From TAR02 account review , based on hold / override , you will calculate these lines , then they will be used in 


    TAR03 Country calculation , factor will be (target - held or revised )/ to change , then this factor is multiplied to the account target for to be changed accounts to get final sales target


  • hi @neg177 


    The color coding highlighting indicates the numerator to be used and the denominator 

    denominator is the sum of initial targets of all the accounts which will be redistributed ( not hold and not override ) 

    Advise is to use the hold , override , to change line items of TAR02 account review to calculate the factor in TAR03